About Us

What is BaseballWaiverWire.com?

Baseball Waiver Wire is the only Social Media Website 100% dedicated to professional baseball around the globe. We provide services for both professional baseball players and teams.

How Can professional baseball players benefit from Baseball Waiver Wire's service?

BaseballWaiverWire.com provides an avenue for professional baseball players looking to play professional baseball to promote themselves and connect with Teams, Scouts, Coches, and General Managers to pursue the dream of winning a starting position on a professional baseball team in any league around the globe.

Teams that are registered and a part of our network will regularly post open tryouts that all players are welcome to attend.  Additionally there will be tryouts that are by special invite only posted as well. Scouts and Coaches from these teams use our databse of players to find an fill open roster spots.


What level of players are welcome to register on BaseballWaiverWire.com?

Players outside the continental U.S.A that are considered prospects should register.

High School draft eligilble players that will not be pursuing playing at collegiate level are welcome to register preferably in Senior year.

Baseball players that are playing at a JUCO level are welcome to register anytime.  

Any college level baseball players in D1 - NAIA that are regulated by NCAA are encouraged to wait until their graduating year prior to registering in our site to reduce risk of losing eligibility for play at collegiate level.  

Baseball players that were recently released and are actively looking for a new opportunity should register.

What is the cost of your service to a professional baseball player?

BaseballWaiverWire.com is 100% free service to professional baseball players.

What leagues and teams are part of the BaseballWaiverWire.com?

Our network of professional baseball leagues and professional baseball teams that use our site is growing on a daily basis.  We have professional baseball leagues in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the America's that currently utilize our site.  We have professional baseball teams ranging from MLB - Independent levels.

How can leagues and teams benefit from BaseballWaiverWire.com?

Once a professional baseball League or professional baseball team is part of our professional baseball social network they will have immediate access to a worldwide database of professional baseball players actively looking to play professional baseball. If the team has an emergency need to fill an open roster spot our service simply deepens the pool of professional baseball talent that can be considered for filling the spot.

Who from professional baseball leagues and teams should register on BaseballWaiverWire.com?

Front Office Staff, Scouts, Coaches, General Managers.
(All league and team registrations require approval and verification to ensure that they are official representatives of an actual team or league for professional baseball.)

What is the cost of BaseballWaiverWire.com service to a professional baseball league or team?

Professional baseball leagues and teams that offer contracts and pay their players to play are welcome to utilize our site for FREE.
We do allow pay to play leagues to register and advertise in our site.  Pay to play leagues will be required to pay fees for using our services and advertising.

Can Agents register and participate in BaseballWaiverWire.com today?

At this time we have not opened registration to player agents to register and use our site.  An agent can have his/her player register in our site and list them as representing agent in player profile.  We will be offering some for fee services in short to near future for player agents.